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Our Mission is to help you have Healthy Indoor Air. Free of unhealthy mold levels.


New studies show that 50 to 65% of homes have high mold levels.  Since the 1970’s homes have been built tighter and tighter to save on utility costs for heating and cooling.  Building materials have changed to materials like drywall and press board that drink up moisture.  This has been a big part of the reason indoor air quality has been decreasing while we are spending more time indoors.

Our goal is to not simply cut some mold out of your wall but to help you have a healthy home again. Mold spores are microscopic and spread by sending small spores like seeds into the air which then are deposited in your window tracks, carpet, clothing and all over the home. Air currents are constantly moving the air through your home and your HVAC system which acts like a highway for spreading the mold spores everywhere in the home. 

Unseen Mold Spores Could Be Your Problem. 

Most mold professionals are trained to get rid of the mold they can see but your home is a mold growth center that has the potential to grow mold in bathrooms, HVAC, drains, washing machines, window tracks, in rugs, carpet, in dust and under sinks or other areas that can have high moisture or humidity levels. Much of this mold is unseen because the spores are hidden or microscopic so you don’t see them but you are breathing them in which has been implicated as a factor in many health problems like headaches, asthma, fatigue, allergies, and much more.

Most Comprehensive Mold Remediation. Making Your Entire Home Safe From Mold

Using our patented two step dry fog process we don’t simply get rid of the mold in one area but throughout the entire home. First we treat the HVAC, then each of the window tracks, all of the drains, all of the rooms in the house. The fog is only 7.5 microns so it can go into all the smallest areas like carpet, furniture and clothing. Then we treat the house with EverPURE Process which prohibits new mold growth in the whole home so that you can be assured that your entire home can stay at healthy mold levels.

US Army Corps of Engineers Tests Our System

Learn how our unique dry fog system stood up to the rigorous tests put forth by the US Army Corps of Engineers

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