Affordable Air Quality Testing

Even if you don’t see mold growing, elevated mold spore levels in your air could be causing problems.

There are several Kinds of Mold Testing:

  • Air Quality Testing
  • Tape and Swab Tests
  • ERMI Testing

Test Your Air Quality

Your home may have elevated mold spore counts that you cannot see. If you see the mold then testing may not be necessary.

Mold Spores and Hyphal Fragments

Mold spores and mold fragments can float through the air invisible to the eye but can still make you sick. Symptoms can include triggering asthma attacks and other respiratory issues.

Know How to React

By first defining and understanding the air quality in your home or office you can make an educated decision how to proceed. If maintaining the air quality of your house or shop is important to you call ust to discuss the different mold testing options.

Air Quality Testing

*Most Common Air Quality tests are the industry standard for mold testing. Air quality tests are a tool that can be used to see what kind of mold spores are in the air. Like any tool they have their limitations. Air quality tests are usually taken by collecting a 75 liter air sample from inside the home and pulling it through a small filter. That filter is analyzed by the lab and a report is given that lists the different types of black mold and other types of mold. These tests are often compared to the  outside mold spore counts.

Cost $269 Two Indoor mold tests

Tape and Swab Testing

Tape and swab tests are best for determining the type of mold when you can visually see mold growth. These tests are more localized than air tests so they only tell us what kind of mold is in a small area and fail to provide the scope of the issue like the other tests would.

Often these tests are unnecessary when a visual inspection shows obvious signs of mold growth.  All molds are potentially dangerous and should be remediated.

Cost $75

ERMI Testing

ERMI is different in that it tests for the DNA of mold and can be very precise in finding different strains of mold.  Each mold testing medium has it’s place but this kind is usually the most expensive method. ERMI tests are taken by pulling a sample of dust and mold from an area of carpet using a complex vacuum and filter system. Some sampling methods take a sample of dust in different areas of the home.

These tests are more accurate than air quality tests but the price of the testing is sometimes as expensive as the treatment itself.

Cost Approximately: $400-$700/Sample

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